Empower youth and Impact Communities



Through powerful partnerships with local organizations, the schools, and community,  Bayview Beacon provides the resources and support to help our youth and families cultivate successful life skills.

By becoming a Beacon you join a team of experienced and passionate community leaders and directly impact the lives of our students and families.

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  Jann Ramirez, Assistant Site Coordinator

Jann Ramirez, Assistant Site Coordinator

" Honestly, I spent some time in other work environments before I got here. The difference between a "normal" job and the Beacon is definitely the energy. Every work place has its ups and downs but you know its something special when the staff, as individuals, have a coinciding mission. Whatever differences we may have the purpose is clear. We work for the good of the team, students and community.  "
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Safety & Support/ Program Leader


The Bayview Beacon is seeking a Safety & Support/Program Leader who is an exceptional youth worker who is committed to the safety and development of all Beacon program participants. Safety & Support/Program Leader Staff will  lead youth-development focused programs, monitor the school grounds including the courtyard, restrooms, interior of school building and surrounding school grounds and support Beacon staff and the Site Coordinator as requested, especially in the areas of campus safety, behavior management, and conflict mediation. The ideal candidate has experience leading high school-aged youth in a specialized content areas, such as art, dance, sports, STEM, or leadership.


Check back soon for opportunities! 

Youth & teen Department

Check back soon for youth work opportunities! 



Volunteer and Intern Opportunities

High School & Middle School

Academic Support Volunteers

THE Y VISION for 2020

The healthiest children in America will live in the Bay Area, building skills and habits for a healthy life, enabling them to reach their highest potential through the strength of the communities we serve, and make a valuable contribution to society.



Volunteers are needed one time a week for multiple weeks during the following times Monday - Thursday from 3:00 - 5:00pm. Under the direction of the Site Coordinator of their site, the Volunteer supports youth during after school hours during academic support program time.  The Volunteer provides academic support for multiple subjects including, but not limited to mathematics, science, english, and writing. The Volunteer will work 1 on 1 with students based on their need for support.



  • Provide academic support to individual students

  • Encourage students to provide their best and most consistent work

  • Communicate directly with staff about student progress and day to day happenings



Mission Advancement: Accept and demonstrate the Y’s values. Demonstrates a desire to serve others and fulfill community needs. Recruits volunteers and builds effective, supportive working relationships with them. Support fundraising.


Collaboration: Work effectively with people of different backgrounds, abilities, opinions, and perceptions. Build rapport and relates well to others. Seeks first to understand the other person’s point of view and remains calm in challenging situations. Listen for understanding and meaning; speaks and writes effectively. Take initiative to assist in developing others.


Operational Effectiveness: Make sound judgments, and transfer learning from one situation to another. Embrace new approaches and discover ideas to create a better member experience. Establish goals, clarifies tasks, plans work, and actively participate in meetings. Follow budgeting policies and procedures, and report all financial irregularities immediately. Strive to meet or exceed goals and deliver a high-value experience for members.


Personal Growth: Pursue self-development that enhances intern performance. Demonstrate an openness to change, and seek opportunities in the change process. Accurately assess personal feelings, strengths, and limitations and how they impact relationships. Have the functional and technical knowledge and skills required to perform well; use best practices and demonstrate up-to- date knowledge and skills in technology.